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About Captcha Game


Entering Captchas is something we mindlessly do all day.
It has become second nature to find a Captcha on a form.
We might even feel awkward of one's missing.

At some point I imagined a website that requires a succession
of Captchas to be correctly entered. From there I got the idea
of marathon Captcha-ing, and decided to throw this site together!

Is 'Captcha Game' related to Google or reCaptcha?
NO, not at all. I chose to use reCaptcha for a few reasons:
1. It's really easy to install.
2. Most people are familiar with this widespread Captcha,
   and it would provide good theming for the site.
3. reCaptcha actually helps translate books into digital format!

Technically you are doing community service by playing the Captcha game!

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